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Need a Photographic Studio for your next project?

The largest diary carton manufacturer in the world rents RWins Photographic studio in Asheville, NC for their product shoots.

Our photographic studio space is available for rent, which includes:

  • Facilities
  • Lighting equipment and flash meter
  • Backdrops
  • Props

We rent days, evenings, and weekends by the hour or by the day.

We're located 6 miles west of the Asheville Regional Airport in Mills River, NC.

We have 2400 sq ft, plenty of room for good separation of the subject from the background and to allow light to drop off fully for great low-key lighting.

We can accomodate multiple sets so you can freely switch between them.

New to studio work? Uncomfortable using unfamilar equipment?

We'll help you get started, get your camera fitted to our equipment and assist you with lighting setups and the use of our equipmnet if you'd like:

  • Background selection
  • Metering with strobes
  • Lighting setup
  • Positioning equipment

We'll make you comfortable using our facilities and make you shine in front of your clients! We can take the worry out of your photo session!

Want to Learn to Master Studio Lighting?

If you'd like to use lighting to your advantage to command higher prices for your work, consider our one-on-one training sessions. For details, see 1-on-1 Training: Master Studio Lighting

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RWins Photo rents studio space to photographers from the Asheville area including: Brevard, Hendersonville, Candler, Black Mountain, Canton, Waynesville, Arden, and even Greenville/Spartanburg.

Convenient Location

We are located 10 minutes from the Asheville Regional airport in Mills River, NC on US 280 (Bolyston Hwy).

Physical Location
RWins Photography LLC
6424 Boylston Hwy
Mills River, NC 28759

See Map

  • Want a tour? Try before you buy! We'd be happy to setup a time and show you around and/or test your camera with our lighting equipment. If you need a camera for the shoot, you can rent a Nikon D3.

  • Does your project require a lot of space? We have a 2400 sq ft digital photographic studio that provides ample space (40'x60') and height (22' ceilings). We believe in having a large open space for flexibility.

  • Need a make-up artist or hairstylist? We can hook you up with some of the Asheville area's finest MUAs and hair stylists that will make your subjects look great behind your lens.

Our Photographic Studio Equipment

The facility is wheel-chair accessible and has a 12x14 foot bay door to allow access for large vehicles or unloading equipment.

We use the photographic studio for our Commercial photography and Portrait work, so it is well maintained. Photographers who have rented our studio, have appreciated our assistance understanding the equipment, as well as assistance during their photo shoot if requested.

We utilize PocketWizards on the cameras and in the Sekonic light meter for remote triggering of lights up to 300' away. This eliminates a major tripping hazard and reduces the clutter in the studio.

We are employing Alien Bee studio strobes, which is cost effective, durable, and provides a consistent and predictable quality of light. We have a range of strobe intensities:

  • Two 400 heads
  • Five 800 heads
  • Two 1600 heads

We have two 600 watt 5500K fluorescent Alzo Digital video lights.

We have an array of modifiers (barn doors, snoots, booms, filter housings, honeycomb grids), umbrellas, beauty dishes, strip lights, and softboxes. We've built 8' white portable reflector walls and have different size and shape reflective panels.

Sample image of a studio set

With our Nikon D3 and D700 cameras, we have a wireless connection automatically transmitting images to our server as we shoot. Although the camera back has a large display, there is a tremendous advantage with the ability to have the photographer, art director, or client review the images as on a large color calibrated monitor throughout the shoot. At the end of the shoot, we take 5 minutes to burn a DVD of all the images and hand it to the photographer. As a backup, the images remain on the studio computer until the photographer confirms that the DVD worked for them and they have their own backup.

So what does it cost?

We rent the studio space, lighting equipment, props, backdrops, and facilities for $50/hour with a 2 hour minimum. We do offer volume discounts for all day and multiple day shoots, as well as repeat customers.

Use of the facilities and equipment, as well as expert advice and assistance... it's a fantastic value!

Reserve our studio now!


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